The Gorey School Completion Programme has been in operation since 2002. Based in Gorey Community School it currently operates in nine schools in the area, seven primary and two post primary.
The aim of the School completion Programme is to support and encourage young people between the ages of four and eighteen during their school lives and focus on local responses to local needs. These supports range from In School Supports, After School Supports and Holiday supports.
In School Supports
These supports are delivered during school hours either directly to young people at risk of early school leaving or to whole classes using a ‘whole school’ approach. They include:
Self Esteem
Anti Bullying
Looking good/feeling good
Coping with anger
Settling in programme
Student/Family Support
Adolescent health
Teen pregnancy support
Traveller Support
Lunchtime fun club
Truancy call out
After School Supports
Homework club
Literacy/Numeracy support
Holiday Supports
Easter sports and activity campus
Summer sports and activity campus
Summer cookery camp
All the supports in Gorey Community School are organised by the Gorey School Completion Programme team in co-operation with the Principal, Teachers, Parents and Young people and we welcome your comments and queries.

The local Co-ordinator Margaret Sheriff can be contacted at
Gorey School Completion Programme
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