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Communications are the lifeblood of any school or organisation. Here at Gorey Community School we are continuously striving to improve our communications with all of the stakeholders in our very large school community.
The school is currently undergoing a major IT upgrade and consequently we are in a position to issue a web based newsletter throughout the year. The newsletter will attempt to capture the richness of the curricular, co-curricular, sporting and cultural initiatives and the multiplicity of events that take place on an ongoing basis during the school year. The myriad achievements of our students will feature in our publication.  We will continue our long and laudable tradition of publicly acknowledging students efforts and attainments in all their forms.
We also welcome input from our parents committee should they wish to avail of the web based newsletter as a conduit of communication to their constituent body. Teachers, staff and students are also encouraged to become active contributors  and to submit updates of all relevant endeavours..
This first issue represents an electronic landmark in the ever forward march of the IT and computerisation process at GCS.  We look forward to publishing future newsletters that help to create a picture of the diverse, creative and energetic environment that is GCS

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