5th Year Subject Choice 2020
Gorey Community School
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Gorey Community School
March 18th, 2020
Re: 5th Year Subject Choice

Dear Parent,
I hope that you and your families and well at this challenging time.
Due to the school closure I will be conducting the above process remotely. Our scheduled presentation will not take place but the PowerPoint presentation compiled by the Guidance department will be available for you to access on the school website. All TY and relevant 3rd year students received this presentation in the last two weeks. The students also received a copy of the Subject choice book. This is also available on the website in case the students left the book in school.

Once you have gone through the material and had a discussion with your child, you can avail of advice from The Guidance Department if you or the student have any questions.
If you include your phone number a member of the Guidance Team will call you if you wish.

It is important to note that the new leaving certificate PE Programme is quite theory based and classes will consist of three theory classes and one theory/practical double class a week.

Once the student and you are in a position to make your choices, please e mail them to me at mfinn@goreycs.ie
All I will require is the student’s name and their top 6 subject choices in order of preference.
I would be grateful if this could be done by next Tuesday, March 24th. I know that this is earlier than I had anticipated but I would appreciate your cooperation in this.

Michael Finn.
Click HERE to view 5th Year Subject Choice Handbook 2020

Click HERE to download Subject Choice Presentation For Parents 2020